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Meta Arcade Club


Deep inside the Metaverse, there exists the Void of Possibility – a place that contains pure, unfiltered potential. The desires of the community shape the Void, and create various places and things out of it.

Some time ago, the community desired a place to exist, a place to create, interact, create wealth and find fulfillment. And so, out of the Void the Meta Arcade was created.

When the Meta Arcade was first created, its Proprietors were also made. This group of individuals lives inside the Meta Arcade, and usually they are rarely seen. They are the ones who ensure that everything is running properly and that every person who finds the Meta Arcade has a good time during their stay.

However, the Proprietors do sometimes appear to people. This happens during the Day of Decision, an event held semi-regularly in the Meta Arcade. During that time, the Proprietors get a feel for how the people are doing, giving them a way to collectively voice their opinions about the Arcade’s direction. It is also a great way for the people to focus their desire and decide on what they next want to see and interact with.

And as the Meta Arcade expands, more and more people manage to earn a living using it. More and more people manage to forge connections, create friendships and enjoy their time in the Metaverse. As long as the community is united, the Arcade’s future looks bright – and who knows what’s next? There are so many things yet to be discovered.


The Meta Arcade Club is a wondrous place, but hard to find. Only those who persevere and truly wish to look for it manage to locate it. Once they do, they are stopped before the gates by the bouncer, who gives them their very own Arcade machine. The machine is a token, showing that now they have access into the Meta Arcade. But of course, the machine isn’t simply a token – it also allows the owner to play games inside the Meta Arcade with it. Apart from the usual arcade games, there is also air hockey, and new games are being added often.

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Portfolio image
Portfolio image


Marketing icon Phase I
  • Concept Collection
  • Launch Social Media
  • Roadmap V1
  • Launch Website V1
  • Launch Discord
Marketing icon Phase II
  • Whitelist Distribution
  • Questline
  • Discord Giveaways
  • Collaborations
  • Mint Day
Marketing icon Phase III
  • PawnShop Sneak Peak
  • Games Sneak Peak
  • $MAC Launch
  • Mint Holders $MAC Airdrop
Marketing icon Phase IV
  • TBA.

The Meta Arcade’s lottery is famous for the great rewards it can provide to the lucky winner – rumor around the Arcade is that there’s a holiday to be won, and the destination is truly one of the best.

$MAC is the fuel of the meta Arcade Ecosystem. It will be able to be traded on Solana decentralized exchanges like any other token.


We have some of the most highly passionate individuals with a vision for success. Not all heroes wear capes. Check out the people of tomorrow today.

Team photo
Team photo
Team photo
Team photo


Meta Arcade Club provides lots of utility and gamers with a platform where they can get paid to play. But we can't forget about those who aren't able play at all. Children working in mines, in the fields, in households or in factories. All children have the right to receive good education, have time to play, and to actually be a child.

We, at Meta Arcade Club, feel that it's our duty to give back to the children by supporting charities with donations, and we encourage our community to do the same.



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